Thursday, February 2, 2012

CD Review: Dotschy Reinhardt's 'Pani Sindhu'

Dotschy Reinhardt
Pani Sindhu
Galileo Records

The music of the Roma and Sinti peoples bridge the social and cultural link between German and Indian/Pakistan music. Thankfully, Dotschy Reinhardt's enthusiastic release, Pani Sindhu, traverses the spectrum of musical genres, from classic Brazilian, flamenco, Portuguese, Spanish, jazz, improvisational, and traditional Indian music. The tabla and sitar make an appearance on several tracks. However, the music is mixed with equal doses of Dotschy's jazz standard vocals, piano, and lounge club percussion. Dostchy's sweet and tender vocals are in the Romanes language. The throwback to the 1960s or 70s South American jazz tunes are not particularly far-fetched on Pani Sindhu. The addition of Indian/Pakistani musical and instrumental elements makes Pani Sindhu exciting for fans of South American jazz, improvisational music, Indian music, and European notions. The result is a new form of music cleverly-defined as Rom-Indo music. ~ Matthew Forss 

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