Friday, March 9, 2012

CD Review: Black Bazar's 'Black Bazar'

Black Bazar
Black Bazar

Modogo & Sam are Modogo Abarambwa and Sam Tshintu, respectively. As purveyors in the Congolese music scene, they attempt to bridge the gap between Cuban and Latin rhythms with the soukous sounds of Congo with their band, Black Bazar. The result is a musical project that sheds the drum machines and techno trance of contemporary society with a raw and spirited selection of songs with bass, piano, percussion, and guitars leading the way. Black Bazar shines with the rumba sounds of Havana and the sparkling, rhythm guitars of Kinshasha. Despite the album artwork looking like something from the TV show Mad Men, Black Bazar livens up any situation with vibrant colors of love and dance. The ten tracks represent nearly an hour of listening pleasure. Anyone with an interest in Cuban rhythms and central African music will cherish the vocal harmonies and bright instrumentation. This is a timeless recording. ~ Matthew Forss 

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