Sunday, March 25, 2012

CD Review: David Newman's 'Stars'

David Newman
White Swan Records

David Newman is a talented musician popular in the blissful world of yoga music. His contemporary guitar stylings and repetitive vocals with equally repetitive mantras, combined with the beautiful voice of Mira, makes Stars an album well-worth a listen. A mix of English and Sanskrit vocals are used sporadically throughout. The catchy melodies and light guitar work are enthralling to say the least. The nine tracks represent a good mix of rhythms, styles, and innovations with touches of piano, horn, and percussion. David is a kirtan chant artist, Bhakti yoga educator, and a singer/songwriter. His wife, Mira, is a noted singer in her own right. She adds a touch of beauty to the album that is very melodious. If you are seeking balance in your life, then reach for the Stars today. ~ Matthew Forss

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