Thursday, March 22, 2012

CD Review: Elin Furubotn's 'Heilt Nye Vei'

Elin Furubotn
Heilt Nye Vei
Ozella Music

Norway's talented singer/songwriter, Elin Furubotn, is joined with an excellent repertoire of musicians and jazzy instrumentation. Elin incorporates a folk and pop vein into the mix. The thirteen songs represent a plethora of ear-friendly material with "Heilt Nye Vei," "Slepp Tvilen Fri," "Ei Stille Na," and "Treet" rounding out the top tracks on the album. Heilt Nye Vei, which means "completely new way" is a perfect way to describe the music, as it is cutting-edge and inventive. Elin's Norwegian vocals soar into outer echelons of musical creativity with some of the vocals possessing a Cranberries tone. At any rate, Elin is the most innovative artist to come out of Norway in recent memory. Karl Seglem appears on sax. Anyone with an interest in avant-garde pop and easy-listening with a jazzy element from the Scandinavian nation will be very pleased with Elin's latest achievement from Ozella Music. ~ Matthew Forss

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