Friday, March 30, 2012

CD Review: Midwest Hype's 'Dayglow'

Midwest Hype

Midwest Hype's second release, Dayglow, is an intrepid journey of ska, jazz, punk, reggae, funk, hip-hop, and alternative musical styles that form a union of uniqueness never-before-seen (and heard) in today's popular music. The six-track release contains English vocals from the aptly-named and located group in the northern Indiana area. The reggae-tinged "Runaway," is a very catchy song. The funk-centric "Do Or Die", contains a good ska-reggae beat with a slight jazz element. At any rate, the vocals are top-notch and somewhat reminiscent of Stroke 9's lead singer. "People Of America" is a writhing reggae melody with witty lyrics and a hip-hop/funk influence. "All Is Water" is a jazzy, island-type song that is funky, contemporary, and inventive. The ska and hip-hop-influenced "Elastic Booty  Shorts" is a classic tune and the witty song title is a bonus. "Behind Our Eyes" contains a bit of jazz, ska, and Top 40 potential with a bit of hip-hop, too. The entire album glows with lush beats, smart vocals, inventive hooks, and a slew of styles. ~ Matthew Forss

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