Thursday, March 22, 2012

CD Review: Congo Sanchez' 'Vol. 1'

Congo Sanchez
Vol. 1
ESL Music

The funky, dance, and world music creations of Congo Sanchez is at the forefront of the Washington, DC party scene. The world music leanings of Congo Sanchez tend to reflect a more electronica and funk-driven vibe with equal amounts of Latin, dance, and down-tempo chills to satisfy even the most picky of connoisseurs. Vol. 1 only contains four tracks for a total listening time of only seventeen minutes. At any rate, the groovy music is definitely worthy of a listen or two...or three. Anyone with an interest in down-tempo, chill, dance, Latin, and funky music will love Congo Sanchez' latest morsels of fun. ~ Matthew Forss

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gsmills said...

Just snagged my copy, Congo Sanchez lights it up