Friday, March 23, 2012

CD Review: Che Sudaka's '10'

Che Sudaka
Cavernicola Records

The assembly of Argentinian and Colombian musicians based in Barcelona, Spain, continue to brighten up the world music and punk-folk genres with their characteristic party sound and South American-inspired rhythms. The punk-rap style of "C'est plus beau" contains blaring horns, harmonies, and a party-dance rhythm that is extremely infectious. "Inmigrant Soul" is a great tune with luscious harmonies, a bit of electronica, and accordion amidst a catchy melody in a similar way to the South Pacific's Te Vaka. It is one of the best songs on the album, but "Desearia," "Ya nunca me veras caer," "Stress," "Crisis de amor," and "Hombre libre" are close behind. There are a number of styles and influences included here with ska, reggae, jazz, folk, dance, rumba, Latin, and light punk-rap winning out. This is one of the best contemporary recordings to come out of Spain in recent memory. It is titled 10, because it is a 10. Liner notes are included for the song lyrics. ~ Matthew Forss

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