Thursday, March 22, 2012

CD Review: The Black Seeds' 'Dust And Dirt'

The Black Seeds
Dust And Dirt
Easy Star Records

The New Zealand-based group, The Black Seeds, is best described as a reggae-funk-fusion collective with modern grooves and catchy vocals reflecting a soulful ambiance. The characteristic reggae beats are a staple of a few songs, notably "Settle Down," "Rusted Story," and "Dust And Dirt." The down-tempo leanings of "Out Of Light," showcases the band's subdued grooves and remarkable ability to create modern masterpieces reflecting a psychedelic edge. The funky tunes are great in every respect. The length is moderate, the variety is good, and the songs are unforgettable. On a side note, some of the songs contain quirky titles, such as "Pippy Pip," "Gabriel's Strut Club," and "Loose Cartilage." Anyone with a passion for The Black Seeds, or funk, fusion, reggae, and down-tempo/pop will love Dust And Dirt. ~ Matthew Forss

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