Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Song Review: Miss Diamond DJ's "Voodoo Girl"

Miss Diamond DJ
"Voodoo Girl"

"Voodoo Girl" opens with a heavy, static-driven, but distant tone, that blends well with the electrified, male voice after a bass slide. A wash of colorful electronics signify the beginning of the pulsating dance beat that blends the club sound of Ace of Base with the trance-driven music of Madonna's early work. The laser-like, pulsations contain both male and female vocals that are interspersed with successions of dance beats with all the fancy blips, blurbs, and electronic embellishments that are part of any superstar DJ repertoire. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Miss Diamond DJ raises the bar higher than the Alps with a balanced mix of club, house, trance, techno, and party elements. The end of the song contains an ambient wash of cascading sounds with a quick, but fluid conclusion. "Voodoo Girl" is not about being cheesy or too flashy. Instead, Miss Diamond DJ astounds listeners with her uncanny ability to create a simple tune and make it stand out. If you are seeking electronica with a dance element, then "Voodoo Girl" is for you. ~ Matthew Forss

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