Thursday, March 22, 2012

CD Review: Trio Mrio's Self-Titled Release

Trio Mrio
Trio Mrio

The Turkish jazz and rock stylings of Turkey's great guitarist, Sarp Maden, along with Volkan Oktem on drums and Chaglayan Yildiz on bass, create a masterful release of epic tunes that span the gamut of avant-garde, experimental, and fusion. The guitar work is exemplary, as it contains simple, fluid grooves, but rock interludes that are quite remarkable, as well. The meandering sounds of the instruments are inspiring, enthralling, and entrancing. The musical vivacity of the instruments and jazzy leanings makes Trio Mrio shine beyond belief. Anyone with a knack for experimental, jazz, guitar, and instrumental grooves from a Turkish source, then look no further.

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