Thursday, March 22, 2012

CD Review: Sarp Maden's 'Durgun Sular'

Sarp Maden
Durgun Sular

Hailing from Turkey, Sarp Maden performs jazzy, ambient, lounge music with an easy-listening backbone that is not afraid to upset the jazz world with a fine, innovative work of art. The wholly instrumental album contains sparkling guitar tones, floating sax lines, and light percussion all performed with accurate precision. Sarp Maden plays guitar, while his band mates, Derin Bayhan on drums, Matt Hall on contrabass, and Engin Recepogullan on tenor sax round out the musical experience. Kalan Records is known for producing high-quality recordings and Durgun Sular is no exception. The album title, which means "still waters," is sure to cause a ripple or two throughout the musical community for using meditative jazz sounds and inventive compositions with a global appeal. If you are seeking traditional Turkish music, then you will be disappointed. If you are a jazz fan, you will be rewarded with the sounds of Durgun Sular. ~ Matthew Forss

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