Friday, March 9, 2012

CD Review: Christiane D's 'Obliquity Of The Ecliptic'

Christiane D
Obliquity Of The Ecliptic

The urban beats of Pennsylvanian-writer, poet, and singer, Christiane D, is anything but boring. In this case, Obliquity Of The Ecliptic tramples the genres electronica, funk, hip-hop, avant-garde, pop, and experimental music by defying logic and perceived notions of musicianship. Elements of trip-hop and down-tempo delights slow some of the music to a steady pace that is as reflective as it is engaging. A variety of eerie, quirky, and noisy sounds that are indescribable are scattered throughout the album. Anyone with an interest in Bjork, experimental electronica, and genre-bending pop and rock music will love Christiane D's different form of musical expression. The thirteen tracks showcase diverse vocals, dark melodies, and spacey adornments that are ideal for relaxing, dancing, and meditation. This is post-industrial, neo-art rock/chill music at its best. ~ Matthew Forss

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