Friday, March 9, 2012

CD Review: La Chiva Gantiva's 'Pelao'

La Chiva Gantiva

Latin-American percussion and song styles are the focus of the Belgium-based La Chiva Gantiva. Pelao, which means, "kid," is an album with upbeat, energetic rhythms from the heart of Colombia, but performed with members from other parts of the world. The global mixture of influences and ethnic representation encapsulates the musical energy on each track. A selection of tracks contain blaring horns, electric bass, drums, sax, vocals, and heavy percussion. The upbeat tunes are reminiscent of balkan brass, Afro-beat anthems, and Afro-Latin funk gems. The multi-ethnic songs are bound to get the body moving wherever it may be located on planet Earth. Anyone with an interest in Colombian funk, Afro-Latin jazz, balkan brass, and instrumental medleys that will get your feet moving, Pelao is right for you. ~ Matthew Forss

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