Sunday, November 3, 2013

2-CD Review: Black Bazar's 'Round 2'

Black Bazar
Round 2 [2-CD]

Conceptualized by writer and producer, Alain Mabanckou in 2012, Alain incorporates guitar rhythms and melodies from Cape Verde, West Africa, and Central Africa. The upbeat songs are dance-laden and possess a wealth of instrumental ear candy. There are even Caribbean and Latin American influences, which are part of the larger African Diaspora. At any rate, Alan employs a host of guest musicians, including Ferre Gola, Soleil Wanga, Flamme Kapaya, Olivier Tshimanga, Roi David, Karashika, Wole Sentimenta, Ize Teixeira, and Tabou Combo. There are thirteen long tunes that are quite contemporary, highly-rhythmic, and purely African concoctions that are full of soul, love, and melody. Anyone familiar with giddy guitar ramblings from the heart of Africa will love it. Black Bazar includes a bonus CD that is a music video of the first album track, "Black Bazar Round 2." ~ Matthew Forss

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