Friday, November 1, 2013

2-CD Review: Shujaat Khan/Abhiman Kaushal/Katayou Goudarzi/Ajay Prasanna's 'Spring'

Spring [2-CD]

The two-disc set, Spring, is a combination of Persian vocals and Indian instrumentation that promises to be an adventurous and mesmerizing ride. Both discs contain the same musicians with their respective instruments and vocals. Shujaat Husain Khan plays sitar and provides vocals, Ajay Prasanna plays flute, Katayoun Goudarzi provides vocals, and Abhiman Kaushal plays tabla. The music combines Persian vocals, Indian melodies, and South Asian rhythms that are fresh and classical. Each disc contains five different songs that follow the same musical influences. The instrumental portions are very dreamy, engaging, and vibrant. You can almost smell the incense in the air when the tracks resound with blissful notes of heaven. ~ Matthew Forss

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