Friday, November 1, 2013

CD Review: Paula Santoro's 'Mar Do Meu Mundo'

Paula Santoro
Mar Do Meu Mundo

Brazil's newest star emerges from the mix of South American female singers to come out of the region. Paula's sincere vocals are fluid and heavenly. They are a perfect match for the light and giddy percussion, drums, piano, and bass. There is an element of jazz and chamber music throughout. There is also a classical component, but the Brazilian charm shines through most. "Arabesco" and "Flor" showcases her jazzy side, while  "Sambura de Peixe Miudo" and "Luz da Terra" display a more textured palette of sound representing a Brazilian edge. Whatever the song may be, it won't be a disappointment. Fans of female, Brazilian singers, jazz music, and South American pop will love Paula's mature and distinctive voice of sound. It's magical to say the least. ~ Matthew Forss

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