Friday, November 15, 2013

CD Review: Aradia's 'Possibilities: Light'

Possibilities: Light

Seattle-based and New York-born, Aradia combines the best of dance, electronica, trip-hop, and pop with edgy rock arrangements and experimental sounds. The blurby and dance-driven, "Trouble," provides a nice vocal accompaniment with groovy sounds and keyboard arrangements. The music is akin to a trance-induced Madonna with a little Hooverphonic. The vocals are mostly without fault, but a little direct. "Today" contains a great symphonic keyboard base and a swishy percussion beat, as Aradia's sweet vocals evoke an engaging medley of sounds akin to Leona Naess or Beth Orton. "On Fire" is an edgy, dance tune akin to the earlier work of the band Garbage. The dance music is creative and different overall. One can think of various pop artists that dip into dance music, but few know how to master the genre and still keep an audience excited about long after the song ends. Luckily, Aradia inspires this type of dance music with longevity and emotion. The 'possibilities' are endless when Aradia is in charge. ~ Matthew Forss  

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