Friday, November 1, 2013

CD Review: Tev Stevig's 'Jeni Jol'

Tev Stevig
Jeni Jol

Jeni Jol, which means 'new path,' is a perfect album that explores the experimental, instrumental, and fusion music of the Mediterranean and the Balkans. Tev incorporates the fretless nylon string guitar, fretted steel string guitar, and gourd banjo. The music is instrumental and sparkles with Turkish delight. The heady mix of sounds swirl around sensual rhythms and fluid guitar calisthenics. The music is very fitting for fans of alternative guitar music, Middle Eastern instrumentals, and world fusion with guitars as the primary instrument. The spacious sounds are ripe with lively cultural textures that are not very superficial. The new and traditional compositions reflect a thorough understanding of cross-cultural instrumental music. Fans of the late-Bob Brozman and Shawn Lane will be pleased. No one will be dissatisfied with this release. It's that good. ~ Matthew Forss

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