Friday, November 1, 2013

CD Review: Afrolicious' 'California Dreaming'

California Dreaming

Afrolicious releases yet another fine Afro-beat album containing heady rhythms and punchy melodies with a touch of dub, soul, and R&B. Every track explores throbbing beats and danceable rhythms that enlist the help of percussion, bass, sax, flute, trumpet, keys, and various electronic arrangements. The vocals create an exciting accompaniment throughout the album. All the tracks are produced by Pleasuremaker and some with the help of Rob Garza. At any rate, the dub beats are funk-laden and dance-driven, which makes for an interesting listening experience that is anything but dull and boring. Fans of contemporary Afro-beat music and dance will find enjoyment in the tracks on California Dreaming. ~ Matthew Forss

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