Saturday, November 23, 2013

CD Review: Painted On Water's 'Chicago Issue'

Painted On Water
Chicago Issue

Based in Chicago and steeped in Turkish influences, Painted On Water is a duo project from long-time friends and collaborators, Sertab Erener and Demirkan. The new release is a five-track album with rock beats, swirling rhythms, punchy elements, and English vocals by Sertab. There are symphonic rock moments on "Hating You Loving You" and "Why Do You Love Me." The heavier tones do not interrupt the clear vocals. "Despite Ourselves" opens with a melodic and down-tempo introduction, but it is quickly interrupted with loud guitars, swishy percussion, and evocative vocals. "When I Need You The Most" is a punchy rock tune with a Garbage-esque instrumental arrangement and Shirley Manson-esque vocals that add an element of grunge and dance. "A New Me" includes a punchy beat, giddy guitars, funky bass lines, and Sertab's direct and catchy vocal repertoire. The music is engaging with a hard edge that is not too heavy or unnecessary. Fans of American rock music with a does of Turkish flair will find it heartily enjoyable. ~ Matthew Forss    

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