Wednesday, November 27, 2013

CD Review: Juakali's 'Feathers Too Bright'

Feathers Too Bright
Foreign Familiar

The hip hop, reggae, dubstep, and dance-infused lyrical wordplays of Juakali stem from his Trinidadian upbringing and wholehearted commitment to the electronica-injected music characteristic of dancehall rhythms and urban pizzazz. The urban sounds are upbeat, in-your-face, and revolutionary. The raw delivery is pulsating, energetic, and attitude-infused with a dose of African sun. The name, Juakali, stems from a Swahili phrase for 'fierce sun.' Yes, the beats are fierce, but in a good way. The music is stellar and trippy. There are eleven excellent tracks steeped in swirling urban beats with dubstep charisma and electronic suavity. Juakali knows how to make interesting and powerful vocal and instrumental creations. Feathers Too Bright is a perfect album for anyone interested in world fusion with an urban, dub, and dance edge. ~ Matthew Forss

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