Friday, November 15, 2013

CD Review: Sonny Spectrum's Self-Titled EP

Sonny Spectrum
Sonny Spectrum EP
Artisans Label

Sonny Spectrum's new self-titled, four-track EP, is a collection of pop and dance-inspired songs that incorporate down-tempo, funk, rock, and electronica. The EP starts out with "Get Freaky," which begins with a classic dance beat inspired by Michael Jackson and Maroon 5. The swishy beats, electronica-driven sound, and dance vocals are anything but dull. The song precedes "Trust," which opens with an atmospheric wash that leads right into a steady, dance beat and blurby, electronica-filled delicacy. "Be The One" is a dance tune with a soulful elegance and electronica brilliance. The tune encapsulates a little down-tempo characterizations, but the main defining genre appears to be dance. The final tune, "Free Life," contains a sparse rhythm and instrumentation early on with a few vocals. The dance elements still retain a primary importance with a little more funk than the others. At any rate, Sonny's dance explosions will electrify your feet and ears with nothing but good vibes all night long. ~ Matthew Forss   

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