Wednesday, November 27, 2013

CD Review: Brenda McMorrow's 'Igniting The Beauty'

Brenda McMorrow
Igniting The Beauty
White Swan Records

Canada's Brenda McMorrow brings us a soul-stirring and deeply-introspective listening experience that combines ancient Sanskrit mantras, kirtan elements, and yoga pop aesthetics primarily with voice and guitar. The contemporary music is serene, inspirational, and meditative, while maintaining a soothing result that is both catchy and meaningful. Brenda incorporates keyboards, dotar, acoustic/electric guitars, bass, drums, and assorted programming in the mix. The light and carefree vocal calisthenics and scintillating guitar structures are top-notch throughout. Brenda 'ignites' not only beauty, but creativity, as well. Unlock your inner lotus with Brenda McMorrow's latest soul-quenching wanderings on Igniting The Beauty. ~ Matthew Forss

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Unknown said...

Brenda's music transports me to oneness with the divine in a way no one else can! :o)