Wednesday, November 6, 2013

CD Review: Cole Hermer & The Ravens' 'Quoth The Raven'

Cole Hermer & The Ravens
Quoth The Raven

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Cole Hermer & The Ravens resurrect vocals and melodies of good 'ol rock music from the 1980s and 90s with all original material, a guitar, a voice, and a dream. Cole's vocals fall somewhere between Axl Rose and Fuel. The five-track release contains rock/metal-infused tunes with "California Breakdown," "Exploitable," and "Teenage Creed." These tunes contain big guitars, punchy rhythms, great vocals, and great licks with spectacular electric guitar solos. For a lighter side, Cole's ballad creations take the stage on "Friends" and "Maybe." The vocals are still great, as well as the instrumental arrangements. These latter songs represent a more intimate picture to the musical mix. Quoth The Raven has everything from hot licks to hot vocals that leave an impression. Fans of good rock music will love it. Everyone else will love it, too! ~ Matthew Forss  

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