Saturday, November 23, 2013

CD Review: Gino Foti's 'Global Resonances'

Gino Foti
Global Resonances
Net Dot Music

The new work of Gino Foti's musical creations shines through in new age, experimental, and bass-infused melodies and rhythms on Global Resonances. Gino's strictly instrumental songs are poignant, contemplative, ambulatory, and engaging. The diverse bass guitar stylings are partly due to MIDI, but there are also loops and samples that fill in the melodies. There are fourteen different tracks in all that span over one hour. Some of the bass sounds are rather light and represent an East Asian flair. However, Gino's music is steeped in avant-garde and experimental styles with a world fusion element rarely seen in contemporary releases in new age genres. There are not only East Asian sounds and influences here, but African elements exist to some extent. The jazzy leanings are truly impressive on "Umoja." Global Resonances is aptly-titled, because it represents a worldly connection that brings together various cultural components that seem to mesh very well. Whatever inspires Gino, we can be sure he will make it his own and evoke a sense of magnificence and entrancement in all who listen. Play it today! ~ Matthew Forss

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