Wednesday, November 27, 2013

CD Review: The Hip Abduction's Self-Titled Release

The Hip Abduction
The Hip Abduction
Single Fin Records

Formed in Florida and seasoned with the production credits of Easy Star Records' Michael Goldwasser, The Hip Abduction creates a groovy and reggae-infused concoction that is very catchy and memorable. The twelve tracks feature the musical talents of David New, Pat Klemawesch, Chris Powers, Matt Poynter, Paul Chlapowski, David Johnson, Kevin Clark, and Pat Hernly. The album contains your typical drums, keyboards, bass, guitars, sax, trumpet, and vocals. However, the real charm is in the rarer instruments not commonly associated with reggae albums, such as the kora, kamalengoni, kanjira, nyatiti, and kora. The vocal and instrumental catchiness starts right away with "Children Of The Sun" and "Live It Right," but "All Eyes," "Holiday," and "Walk Away." The instrumental, "La Resaca" and "Kalapani" combine a funky, reggae beat with African strings and experimental charm. While some tracks possess a reggae vibe, many other tracks contain a more rhythmic pop and world fusion presence. All in all, The Hip Abduction is hip and here to stay. ~ Matthew Forss 

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