Friday, November 1, 2013

CD Review: Juaneco y su Combo's 'The Birth Of Jungle Cumbia'

Juaneco y su Combo
The Birth Of Jungle Cumbia
The Vital Record

Juaneco y su Combo is the first band to produce a new type of music - jungle cumbia. Peruvian-born, Juaneco y su Combo create psych-funk brilliance with the eighteen tracks on the album. The swishy percussion, bubbling guitar licks, and scintillating sounds are mostly instrumental. The vocals are mostly in the background, but some come to the forefront. The rhythmic psych-funk concoctions are what will make this band famous now throughout the world. The melodies are memorable, repetitive, and dance-worthy. Taken from the ultra-rare original recordings, The Birth Of Jungle Cumbia does exactly what it says and more. Anyone familiar with cumbia, which is a type of Latin-beat music, will find it all very worthwhile. Discover what the jungle has to offer with Juaneco y su Combo today! ~ Matthew Forss

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