Friday, November 1, 2013

CD Review: Ruut's 'Glimpse'


Born in Finland and based in Baltimore, Ruut brings infectious folk music grooves to the forefront with vocals akin to Dala Girls, Tori Amos, and the Beu Sisters. The folk repertoire is steeped in swirling guitar melodies, bass, keys, piano, accordion, and percussion. Each track is catchy and worth repeated listens. "Hourglass" is a more introspective tune, because it is rather slow and sparse on instrumentation. However, Ruut's voice is still a gem throughout. Additionally, "Church Bells," "Heartbreak," and "No One Will Ever Love You" are slower tunes. In contrast, "Glimpse," "Make It Good," and "Last One" are more up-tempo and pop-focused. Overall, Ruut's tender vocals are meaningful and pop-centric. Fans of folk music with a pop edge will love Ruut. For a 'glimpse' into a musical world that is filled with redeeming values, Ruut will satisfy all those seeking really, really good music. ~ Matthew Forss

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