Friday, November 1, 2013

CD Review: MWE's 'Second Wind'

Second Wind

Hailing from San Francisco, MWE brings together Balkan brass and Turkish rhythms with heady, instrumental arrangements for a lively good time. Paul Bertin on alto sax, Gregory Jenkins on clarinet, Calvin Lai on zurna, Morgan Nilsen on clarinet, Sean Tergis on davul, darbuka, daf and riqq, Marco Peris on tupan, and special vocal guest, Eva Salina Primack, round out the ensemble. The rhythmic and punchy opener, "Ashkhabad," is pure Balkan brass with a side of Turkish folk and Middle Eastern deliciousness. Eva provides vocals on one tune, "Kara Gozlu Cingenem," which sounds like a traditional Turkish tune. "Tea High" resounds with the loud, clear tones of the zurna, which is quickly accompanied by rhythmic percussion. The buzzing and swishy tones are very punctual and slightly classical. "Agresia" incorporates a variety of skittish tunes, Balkan brass, and Turkish percussion that cannot be ignored. Fans of Balkan brass, Turkish music, world fusion, and instrumental music will love its beautiful charm. ~ Matthew Forss

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