Friday, November 1, 2013

CD Review: Bombay Dub Orchestra's 'Tales From The Grand Bazaar'

Bombay Dub Orchestra
Tales From The Grand Bazaar
Six Degrees

The Bombay Dub Orchestra is project of composers Garry Hughes and Andrew T. Mackay. The nine track release contains a plethora of instruments, including sitar, sarangi, bansuri, qanun, baglama, oud, strings, synth, keys, table, santoor, sarod, French horn, guitars, cello, kalimba, harpsichord, and others. The music ambulates along with many instruments shining and glimmering with sparkling tones, filmic undertones, and traditional elements. The music is contemporary with floating vocals used at times. The music is very dreamy and instrumental with a strong Indian presence, but filmic ambiance, too. The music is slightly electronic with some dance elements, but this is primarily a groovy album with atmospheric washes, cultural instruments, and a sonic beat. Fans of Six Degrees albums will love it and anyone with a passion for Indian fusion. ~ Matthew Forss

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