Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CD Review: 2-CD Set - Marcus Strickland's 'Triumph Of The Heavy'

Triumph Of The Heavy [2 CD]

The jazzy leanings of Marcus Strickland are showcased on his latest 2-CD set of instrumental tunes. The basic foundational elements of a jazz quartet are present with David Bryant on piano, Ben Williams on bass, E.J. Strickland on drums, and Marcus Strickland on sax, clarinet, and bass clarinet. Volume 1 contains ten instrumental tracks with names as diverse as "'Lectronic," "A Temptress' Gait," "Za Rahula," and "Bolt Bus Jitter" to name a few. Despite the somewhat odd names, the music shines with complex grooves that seem to float effortlessly in and out of different rhythms without any difficulty. Volume 2 continues the good music with seven more tracks. "Mudbone," "Gaudi," and "Cuspy's Delight" are especially entrancing. Marcus knows how to play with jazzy nostalgia and obtain excellent results. In short, Triumph Of The Heavy has mass 'sax' appeal that will be loved by session artists and jazz aficionados the world over. ~ Matthew Forss

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