Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CD Review: Spain's Aljibe

Enea - 25 Anos
Independent Release

The silver anniversary is a marvelous achievement in any situation. For Aljibe, it marks the years together as one of Spain's premier folk bands. Enea, which means "bullrush," chronicles a life-affirming collection of music over fourteen tracks. Influences from around Spain are most evident. However, some influences from Portugal, Sephardic communities, Morocco, and Bulgaria are observed. Aljibe's musical tendencies are anything but boring. In fact, Aljibe is dedicated to peforming the best music they can create. The highlight of the album is not only related to the vocals, but also the instrumental rhythms, tones, and sounds. A range of styles and genres are present, including folk, waltz, Middle Eastern, European, Sephardic, Catalan, vocal traditions, bluegrass, and polka. The spritely rhythms and diverse styles are well-rooted in traditional structures and historical renditions. The first twenty-five years will be as exciting as the next twenty-five years. ~ Matthew Forss

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