Thursday, September 1, 2011

CD Review: Anyango's 'Tei Molo' Out Late September 2011

Tei Molo
Jowi Music

(Cover Art Not Yet Available)

Japan's only nyatiti performer brings us her latest work with Kenyan melodies, Latin influences, and Varttina-like singing on Tei Molo. The nyatiti is an eight-stringed lyre indigenous to Eastern Africa. Anyango plays it with a sweet and sincere intensity that infuses a touch of magic on each track. As a vocalist, Anyango sings in the native Dholuo language of Kenya. The fifteen tracks represent a range of New Age, folk, and traditional elements that are not particularly 'Japanese'. If you are seeking a Japanese music recording, you will have to search elsewhere. Though, Anyango's musical talents extend far beyond borders and cultural origins. In short, her music is universal with a general appeal to African music fans. Additionally, the music possesses a slight funkiness that will happify even the most discriminating listener. Tei Molo is filled with luscious harmonies, stunning instrumental work, and a gentle charisma that should satisfy with earshot of the music. ~ Matthew Forss

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