Thursday, September 29, 2011

CD Review: Ustad Fateh Ali Khan's 'Bandish: Classical Compositions Re-Interpreted'

Ustad Fateh Ali Khan
Bandish: Classical Compositions Re-Interpreted
Sachal Music

Born in Pakistan, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan showcases his classical voice for eight different ragas that are re-interpreted with The Orchestra of the Great Musicians of Lahore. The raga compositions are similar in tone to Indian ragas. The instrumentation is similar, notably the sitar, table, dholak, mrdang, violin, santur, shehnai, mandolin, sarangi, sarod, viola, assorted percussion, and more contemporary instruments, including the Spanish guitar, keyboards, and bass guitar. The rich instrumentation and Ustad Fateh’s classic voice gives the music very high marks with limited outside influence. Specifically, the music may be re-interpreted, but it still retains its Punjabi charm. Every track is great. If you are into classical Punjabi or Indian music, then Bandish… is right for you! ~ Matthew Forss

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