Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CD Review: Fribo - 'Happ'


Happ, which means "in good health," is the latest release by the Norwegian/English/Scottish/Swedish collective, Fribo. With musical influences spanning several countries and regions throughout Western Europe and Scandinavia, Fribo takes a new approach to music-making with a contemporary, roots project that mirrors the folk-ness of Sweden's Triakel, Finland's JPP, and the edginess of Sweden's Garmarna without all of the electronic wizardry. Clearly steeped in Scandinavian culture, Fribo is more aligned with fiddle greats, JPP, Frigg, and Canada's April Verch. The youthful energy and playing intensity is a wild workout for the ears. The delicious rhythms and tones are produced by the hardanger fiddle, guitar, flute, mandolin, double bass, whistle, drums, violin, Jew's harp, and viola. The vocals are equally enthralling by the talented Anne Sofie Linge Valdal, Hannah Read, Naomi Harvey, and Sarah-Jane Summers. The very fun music is hip and Happ-enin'! ~ Matthew Forss  

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