Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CD Review: Gary Stroutsos' 'Oasis'

Gary Stroutsos
White Swan Records

The third recording, Oasis, showcases the meditative and New Age qualities of the bass flute and desert rim flutes. Nine tracks spanning nearly an hour in length display the musical journey through ocean water and the American Desert Southwest. The solo recording features the eerie drone of a sitar-like instrument with ocean waves on "Forgotten Seas," to the contemplative stylings of "Empty Sky." The Oasis title is a good indication for the purpose of the music--as it reflects the meditative and serene melodies of a heavenly existence free from distraction and noise. The quietly-fluid sounds are not particularly ear-catching or pop-laden, but rather, portray a blissful beauty of sweet, instrumental sounds. Fans of flute music, Native American, and New Age music should pick up a copy of Gary's latest work. ~ Matthew Forss

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