Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CD Review: Southern Tenant Folk Union's 'Pencaitland'

Southern Tenant Folk Union
Johnny Rock Records

The Scottish Southern Tenant Folk Union is here to present us with a fine folk 'n' fiddle album of Celtic, American, and British roots music. The rootsy, folksy, and bluesy masterpieces utilize the mandolin, double bass, harmonica, guitar, banjo, hammer, fiddle, percussion, whistle, pipes, and vocals for a truly nostalgic and memorable product. Pencaitland is named for a village in Scotland. Instrumentally, the music is similar to fellow countrywoman, Heidi Talbot and Karine Polwart. However, most of the vocals are attributed to males Ewan Macintyre, Chris Purcell, Pat McGarvey, and Jed Milroy. Though, some comparisons to the Battlefield Band are not entirely inaccurate. The only difference is a more roots-focused repertoire. The best part of Pencaitland is its catchy rhythms and earthy sounds. Oh, and the vocals are not that shabby either. Fans of bluegrass, folk, roots, and European acoustic music will love the tunes on Pencaitland. ~ Matthew Forss

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Pat McGarvey said...

Thanks for the review Matthew, glad you liked the album...
All the best
Southern Tenant Folk Union
(PS we've added the review to our facebook page...and that syncs with our official website too - links below)