Thursday, September 1, 2011

CD Review: MonoMono's 'Give The Beggar A Chance'


Give The Beggar A Chance

Nigeria's Joni Haastrup created his band called MonoMono back in 1971. Though not truly a solo sojourn, Joni's friend Baba Ken Okulolo, who is also a bassist, added to the funk arena of West Africa. Initially released as an LP on the Odeon label in 1973, Give The Beggar A Chance featured seven tracks of funky rhythms and Latin infusions amidst an instrumental repertoire of organ, piano, synthesizer, percussion, and drums, set the stage for a new kind of jazz-rock-funk. Joni is joined by guitarist Jimmy Adams, and percussionists Candido Obajimi and Friday Jumbo. At the very core of its being, the soul of the 70's shines through in MonoMono's work. The bluesy-funk of 'The World Might Fall Over,' showcases a nice blend of bass, organ, and synthesizer with strong vocals. If you are seeking Afro-funk music from a living icon, then sample MonoMono today. ~ Matthew Forss

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