Thursday, September 1, 2011

CD Review: The Green's 'Ways & Means'

Ways & Means

Hawaii's The Green is a pop-reggae band that infuses modern reggae roots with rock, jazz, and island flavors. 'Decisions' is a bit of a reggae-dance hit with similarities to Sweden's Ace Of Base and Maroon 5. Thirteen other hits round out the track-list with obvious nods to reggae's biggest stars, though The Green writes and composes original material. The pop-driven 'Gotta Be' is pure gold. The title track, 'Ways & Means,' takes a laid-back approach to reggae songwriting with a slower tune and vocals indicative of St. Lucia's Taj Weekes. The English lyrics and reggae-based repertoire borders on rock, folk, pop, and dance, which never seems to be a challenge for these guys. The pop hooks and clever looks make The Green stand-out among the reggae roster of the world. Ways & Means is the best new music to be released in the reggae genre this year! ~ Matthew Forss

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chris said...

The Green is one of the best bands! Love their first album waiting patiently to hear the new one. Will see them live again soon when they come back to Southern Calif..