Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CD Review: Pezhham Akhavass 'Percussions'

Pezhham Akhavass
Self Release

The San Francisco-based percussionist extraordinaire, Pezhham Akhavass, is a whiz at the tombak and daf. Primarily focused on Central Asian/Middle Eastern percussion, Pezhham presents us with a solo set of thirteen songs on various instruments without electronica accompaniment or vocals. In effect, the sounds of the percussion instruments are the voices of the songs. Pezhham plays the tombak, daf, damam, dosar kotan, frame drum, tamtam, finger bells, and udu. The songs are noted in rhythmic time signatures of 2/4--on up to 10/8. The Iranian dosar kotan instrument reflects Pezhham's ancestral background. The lack of vocals or additional instrumentation does not affect the musical project. Fans of Hossam Ramzy may be interested in the percussive sounds of Percussions. Pezhham does not miss a beat. ~ Matthew Forss 

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