Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CD Review: Portugal's Dazkarieh

Ruido do Silencio

Dazkarieh is the latest group to come out of Portugal with a mix of folk, rock, and European sensibilities. Ruido do Silencio, or 'Noise of Silence,' is an album that never sounds as good as its name -- probably better. In any case, the Portuguese vocals and instrumental segments cross-borders incorporating influences from Celtic traditions, operatic styles, and speed-folk. The operatic tone of "Tempo chao" is especially good. The speed-folk influences of "Sons de po," "Moda da ceifa II," and "Da minha janela" are energetic, but not overdone. The Portugues bagpipes really come alive on "Repasseado da calchada." The New Age/classical idiom that made Enya, Katie Melua, and Kristi Stassinopoulou applies to Dazkarieh with some exception, because Dazkarieh goes a step further with a mix of other styles, genres, and tones. At any rate, Ruido do Silencio is not only the noise of silence, but the noise of brillance, as well. ~ Matthew Forss 

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