Sunday, March 23, 2014

CD Review: Calaita's 'Flamenco Son'

Flamenco Son
Riverboat Records/World Music Network

Formed by Chico Pere, Glenn Sharp, and Leo Paredes in Spain, Calaita performs contemporary flamenco music, which draws upon years of traditional flamenco infusions laid-down by previous performers. The original music contains plenty of Latin jazz, rumba, world fusion, and easy-listening folk music elements. Chico Pere and Diana Castro are vocalists, while Chico plays the guitar, as well. Glenn is a guitarist, Leo Paredes is a cajon player, and Matt Nickson is a flutist and sax player. The gentle, sweeping guitar melodies are best when combined with vocals, but the instruments stand strong on their own. There are ten great tracks sung in Spanish. Fans of Latin, Spanish, Caribbean, Cuban, Mexican, and South American folk music traditions will love Flamenco Son. ~ Matthew Forss

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