Saturday, March 8, 2014

CD Review: Solvguttene and Kudsi Erguner's 'Pervane'

Solvguttene with Kudsi Erguner
Pervane: Floyet fra Guds Hand

The music of Solvguttene is steeped in the rich, classic melodies and instrumentation of Turkey with some lyrics by Norway's Henrik Wergeland and Hans Nielsen Hauge. The symphonic choral pieces represent a seemingly unlikely connection between Norway's religious choral constructions and Turkey's Sufi poetry. However, the result works with flying colors and effervescent flutes. Flute legend, Kudsi Erguner, vocalist Bora Uymaz, qanun player Serkan Halili, percussionist Hamdi Akatay, pianist Andreas Utnem, and double bass player, Jo Fougner Skaansar, round out the musical repertoire. The music is dreamy, Middle Eastern, angelic, and new age all wrapped into one indelible package. The swirling, dervish rhythms and instrumentation is somewhat Renaissance-themed, but that is just the old nature of the instruments and cross-cultural influences throughout Central Asia and Europe. At any rate, Solvguttene and Kudsi Erguner bring us a lively instrumental and vocal medley of world music with sauntering melodies that are mature and unforgettable. ~ Matthew Forss

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