Sunday, March 16, 2014

CD Review: Yasmine Hamdan's 'Ya Nass'

Yasmine Hamdan
Ya Nass
Kwaidan Records/Crammed Discs

Lebanese-singer, Yasmine Hamdan, is currently based in Paris, France, but her work extends beyond Europe and the Middle East with her latest release, Ya Nass. The contemporary music contained throughout the album is slightly organic, electronic, and dreamy. This is not dance music or Arabic percussion music, but it does contain some elements of both. Though, Yasmine sticks to a highly modern result with atmospheric electronics and a sweet vocal set-up. The edgy youthfulness of "Shouei," "Samar," and "Deny," represent some laid-back rhythms and melodies that are rather cosmopolitan and adventurous. "Enta Fen, Again" blends some trip-hop, dance motifs with the Arabic vocals. Yasmine tones it down a bit on "Nediya," which provides a more steady almost indifferent beat throughout. At any rate, Ya Nass is an album steeped in Middle Eastern and Arabic sensibilities with contemporary and mature edge that satisfies the soul and moves the body. Buy it today. ~ Matthew Forss

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