Saturday, March 8, 2014

CD Review: Various Artists' 'Kyzyl-Moscow III'

Various Artists
Kyzyl-Moscow III
Sketis Music

This collection of Tuvan throat-singing music spans twenty tracks and numerous, well-known artists from the region. You will hear the Tuvan Ensemble, Eduard Damdyn, Vadim Oorzhak, Ayas Kuular, Evgeny Saryglar, and Mai-ool Sedip. There are sung melodies, as well a throat singing accompaniment throughout. There are plenty of traditional instruments backing the vocals, including the igil, chanzy, kengirge, dungur, byzaanchi, and doshpuluur. These instruments are various percussion and string accompaniments that accentuate the gritty and soaring vocals. Kyzyl-Moscow is actually a festival held every year in Moscow since 2004. It was organized by George Arat Beletsky--a talented producer, musician, and music promoter. Anyone interested in the effervescent melodies of Tuvan instrumental music and throat-singing styles should check out Kyzyl-Moscow III. Very listenable. ~ Matthew Forss

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