Sunday, March 23, 2014

CD Review: Faba Loba's 'Senegalesa'

Faba Loba

Faba Loba combines Latin, dance, and African fusion elements for an electro-funky result. The group is comprised of Ibou Ba, Amadou Fall, Lica Cardona, Beston Barnett, and Rafi eL. The electronic music is mixed with kora, percussion, dance, funk, alternative, and world fusion that is highly-entertaining. The music is punctuated with great vocals and instrumental arrangements that are steeped in world musical traditions. There are Congolese guitar rhythms on "Lolambe," while electro-funk elements are showcased on "Latde," "Ire a Dakar," and "Immigration Clandestine." This is a great contemporary recording of Afro-funk, kora folk, and Afro-Latin fusion that seems to combine other elements with each repeated listen. Overall, fans of Senegalese, West African, Afro-Cuban, and Afro-Latin music and percussion will love the sounds of Faba Loba on Senegalesa. ~ Matthew Forss  

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