Wednesday, March 12, 2014

CD Review: Juliane Jones' 'The Space Between The Telephone Lines'

Juliane Jones
The Space Between The Telephone Lines

New York-based singer, musician, and ethnomusicologist, Juliane Jones, brings us a unique set of songs that combine the poignancy and intimacy of French pop music with the folk and alternative melodies of Cantonese pop--ripe with Chinese and English vocals throughout. Juliane's pop-centered songs reflect a little Regina Spektor-meets-Faye Wong-and-Gigi Leung arrangement. The quirky, little songs are incredibly catchy from the opener, "Free This Mind," to the ballad-esque, "When You Sleep." It is rare every track on an album is great, but Juliane Jones succeeds without a hitch. "Wooden Horse" echoes with youthful brilliance, as the guitars reverberate and the roots-inspired keyboard combines with sparse drums and smooth bass wrapped around stellar Chinese vocals. "Hey Shadow" is a peppy little ditty that features a ukulele instrument that gives the song is happy feel. It is impossible to feel down when listening to this stuff. By the end of the album, you'll be craving some Chinese food and find yourself praising Juliane in Chinese with phrases such as: Hao ji le! (Excellent) and Wo hen xi huan Juliane! (I like Juliane very much!). Overall, Juliane is a fantastic singer and a fine addition to any world pop collection. ~ Matthew Forss


Unknown said...

谢谢! Thank you Matthew Forss at Inside World Music for the awesome review : )

Juanobarano said...

Thank you for the music Juliane. Folks should check out "When you sleep", my favorite tune in her album.

Unknown said...

Fun, upbeat, creative, and inspired! One of my favorites is "Water."