Sunday, March 23, 2014

CD Review: Solfrid Molland's 'Musikken er mit fedreland'

Solfrid Molland
Musikken er mit fedreland

Norway's Solfrid Molland is a talented vocalist, accordionist, and pianist with an ear for European, Scandinavian, and gypsy rhythms and melodies. Solfrid's new album attempts to highlight the Roma music genre of gypsy with regards to Norway's influence. Solfrid is joined by Gheorgie Vasile, Valentin Vasile, Ion Cantaragiu Rasturnel, Gjermund Silset, Lars Tormod Jenset, and a choir. The heart-felt violin pulls at the heart-strings, but it is very fitting. The gypsy rhythms are rich and moving. The instruments come together in a whirling fashion to create a mesmerizing, instrumental interplay between vocals and heritage. The neo-classical, world fusion, balkan jazz, and gypsy melodies makes the album shine with memorable sounds. Anyone interested in gypsy music and Norwegian music will love Solfrid's Musikken er mit fedreland. ~ Matthew Forss  

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