Wednesday, March 5, 2014

CD Review: Thomas Blondet's 'Futureworld'

Thomas Blondet
Rhythm & Culture Music

Washington, DC-based DJ, producer, and global connoisseur, Thomas Blondet, brings us a rich, cinematic, and dance-laden collection of multicultural rhythms, melodies, and works of art. The globally-infused music brings together Indian, Balkan, Latin, and Caribbean influences with traditional vocals and stirring melodies that are awe-inspiring, pulsating, and unforgettable. This is not your typical heart-pounding dance repertoire. Instead, the music is more laid-back with a fusion of trip hop and lounge music coming to the forefront. Most of the tracks include featured musicians, such as Tina M, Monsoon, Carol C., Leyla Chatti, Kiran Gandhi, Filip Novosel,and Subatomic Sound System. The musical terrain traverses a range of styles and multicultural influences, but the music cinematic and dance elements are not to be missed. Futureworld should be heard by everyone in the presentworld. ~ Matthew Forss

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