Sunday, March 23, 2014

CD Review: Euforquestra's 'Fire'


Colorado-based Euforquestra bring us their fourth album, Fire, which infuses a bit of Afro-beat, dub, dance, and electronica wrapped around a funky, jazz-laden foundation. The funkadelic compositions are lively and boast a wealth of instrumental sounds, jazzy rhythms, and great vocals. The high-energy grooves and dance tunes are a world fusion masterpiece without any missteps. There are fourteen tracks in all. The groove-laden, "The Price Is Right," "Fire," and "Road Funk," showcases their ability to adapt to different sounds. However, everything is rooted in funk and smooth dance tunes with a lively keyboard element and deep percussion roots. The jazzy sounds cannot be ignored, too. At any rate, Euforquestra knows how to dance, inspire, and create moving tunes that will live on in our hearts (and feet). ~ Matthew Forss

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